Hi Guys This is The Welsh Gamer, Video Description; HUGE LEAK sparks rumours of a NEW FABLE!!!! as well as other old Xbox IP’s and also sheds some NEW information on other projects. Article;…


  1. I know allot of people are expecting Playground Games to be the ones behind Fable 4, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's a new IP from them, and it's another Developer like Sumo Digital that are working on Fable 4, they already have three studio's and are already working with MS to make the single player portion of Crackdown, they also recently acquired a fourth studio in Newcastle, so they could be up production for something, another option is Creative Assembly who are also recruiting for a new game.

  2. The first Fable game damn I remember that absolute gem. Me and my brother owned an original Xbox and we got this game and played it to completion 3 times in a row it was that good, not many games in a lifetime make it to that status on my list, super Mario world on the SNES being another. Hope this news is true. Great news keep up the good work. Peace