Official release trailer for “That Dragon, Cancer” coming January 12, 2016. Pre-order now at An immersive adventure game that retells Joel Green’s 4year fight…


  1. So….do you "win" at this game? Or is it more so just an outlet for grieving parents? I'm all for emotional relief and Kumbaya and what not but this is a situation I don't ever want to "play". What the hell kind of videogame highjacking is this?

  2. Pathetic. This game is just boring. Actually, this isn't a game. I don't know exactly what it is but it's not a game. I so far concludeed that it is just a shameful Christian bullshit faith based autobiography by parents who exploited their child's death for profit by tugging at the heart strings of many to gain sympathy and cash. People die everyday and they perish into a memory until their forgotten completely. People die… That is the way things are with us as living organisms. The moment we're born we become destined to die and be written off as less than worthless. Anyway, I digress. The game is just terrible.

  3. I heard about this game on Radiolab (the podcast), and it was really touching. I suggest people who don't know and are interested go there and listen, it will give you a whole new view of what this game is about. Unfortunately this video did not really catch it, but I understand, as its very hard to say in 2-3 min. Good luck with everything Green family!

  4. my dad sadly passed away because of that decise more then a year and a half ago, it was terrible seeing him laying in the hospital, knowing he will be gone, my life has changed since he passed away, i simply HATE cancer, it affected me, since he used to manage the household, the financial subject, etc.
    i know how is the feeling when you lose someone that's very close to you, i don't wish that to my worst enemies.

    Good luck with the game

  5. Congratulations on the release of your game, Ryan Green! I remember seeing it in its early development and thought it was an amazingly empathetic view of an incredibly difficult life journey. I'm sure it will be very useful to families, friends and caregivers in processing and understanding this struggle.