I was an early adopter of the Vita. I had high hopes and believed Sony would deliver on all of the hype it had behind the Vita. I was wrong…..and Sony should be ashamed. Don’t get me wrong,…


  1. I love my Vita and I've had it since day one and I use it for remote play all the time. Uncharted golden abyss was the best game. I'm so disappointed they didn't do anymore MLB the show anymore

  2. Hey gamesky I just watched this video and got really interested in the psvita I was wondering if you have any updates on it and if Sony has added any of the triple as a title's they said they would Is it worth getting or have they completely quit doing tonight things for it? I'd like too get it to play some old original playstation games like crash badicoots etc I used to be a playstation fan I had the original one after it first came out then I got the ps2 original one when it first came out still have it actually ended up making the switch to Xbox 360 when it first came out want a Xbox one still haven't gotten one yet so I've been 3 years without console gaming If I was to get the psvita how does it work as far as getting games for it? do you have to buy a playstation plus subscription? Also I ended up getting that fire hd10 tablet I love it ignore all the bad reviews about it I think you would love it as well sorry for the long post buddy if you get a chance to replay back too me I'd really appreciate it I'll keep watching your videos man

  3. Vita failed, for me, when Sega NEVER ported PSO2 to the US. So it's mainly Sega's fault for the vita's failure. Hopefully Sega's upcoming news will be that they are indeed bringing it over here. Cause for me, well that was the only reason why I bought the damn thing.

  4. I have a vita and I love it. Some great games like Killzone, Tearaway and Gravity Rush, some okay like Sly Cooper, little big planet and some crap like Call of Duty. But its a great system to play some indie games and some PS1 titles jeje.

  5. Hey i'm glad you are still here making videos. I had the first three generations of psp's and i really enjoyed them and those were moderately successful. I wanted to get this new PSVITA but maybe not now with the lack of support that sony is giving to the psvita. I agree man it is ridiculous that they have not supported it anymore and I really liked that you included the 3DS in there for comparison since they are really doing good on their mobile system. Anyway that was just a rant there lol. Hey man keep it up with the videos man i really like your content and wish you the best and hope you get to your milestone man!