Using Trinus PSVR to play Steam VR games with a Playstation VR HMD. This one may be a new low for my production quality. My phone camera is even dirty. That’s how excited I was to make this…


  1. Playing sing e day one… But. I use trinus vr with vorpx to play almost any pc game with a bit of work… My issue is the headset powers off after about ten minutes have you had this issue as well. I haven't seen any updates to the firmware that resolve the poweroff issue.. Still occurring I put it down for a while and have not had the time to dig back in. Keep me posted

  2. So I can just basically use this as a pc monitor? I'm sure pc games with a better gpu, are going to look better on the psvr than ps4 same game?

    With a beefy pc gpu, can you output a pc game at 120fps onto the psvr? I think I read it did 120hz refresh?

  3. SteamVR sees the PSVR as a Vive headset. On github there are oculus and vive plugins that allow you to install oculus and vive apps in steam. Also it is worth mentioning that the psmove service needs at least 2 cameras to work correctly. Another really cool toy is the leap motion controller, where your hands become the controllers. The leap motion goes for around 60 bucks.

  4. Ryan im with a bug on SteamVR,everything is tiny,objects,characters…i contacted trynus and they dont know maybe its an steamvr settings,can you acess the chaperon menu inside Steamvr?

  5. Hi,
    When i connect my psvr on my pc, the screen of my psvr is not detected on my pc and when i look in the glass of my psr i have the usb's icone.
    i have try all the different usb on my pc but same pictures on my psvr :/
    What can i do ?