Since Oblivion allowed it, unlike Morrowind, I had some fun with Dynamic Super Resolution. Since Fraps won’t record games rendered using DSR and Dxtory captured about 5% of the frames it should…


  1. Xbox has more aggressive bloom/HDR effect than the PC Vanilla version, which makes sense as it was custom version made specifically for the XB360 HW… I have to say that Xbox X version looks the best to me… it has both of the both worlds, overall resolution and XB360 custom effects…

  2. Finalement assez peut de différences . Grosso modo la version pc est un peut plus fine et détaillé et aussi plus terne niveau couleurs .
    Je m'attendais à des différences bien plus importante .

  3. Anyone got any experience comparing what it's like playing this sort of game on a PC versus a TV with controller? I don't see enough of a difference to decide based on the graphics alone but I've wanted to get into Elder Scrolls series for a while.

  4. He's playing this on a modern PC. Oblivion came out in 2006. I remember when this game came out and people raved about the 360 version and how it looked better than the game on their computer.

  5. Thanks for this! Every 360 vs PC video is "360 vs PC with 9001 mods". Then the slide happens and the character models are completely different and the fort you where just looking at went from the standard oblivion fort to a medieval castle… then it doesn't feel like much of a comparison at all…

  6. When I was 15 – 19 I was a hard core console gamer… Grew up with the Original Ninendo, then 64, then Xbox, Xbox One, then something great happened. I built my own PC and told myself "Fuck… console…" I never looked back since then.

  7. Xbox version looks like a 1995 playstation game. PC version looks like 2018 game running on a 7960x 8ghz 9999999 petabytes ram and a GTX 9999 Ti 9999 cuda cores 9999 Ghz core clock 9999999999 Ghz memory clock 9999999 terabytes vram.