Hey guys, in this video I discuss my thoughts on whether or not 30 fps is playable for PC gaming. Do you currently play at 30 fps? Let me know what you guys think about playing PC games at…


  1. its 2018, I won't play any games under 144hz. yes it costs more money to build the system, but once you are there and have experienced what 144hz vs 60hz, you will never go back to 60hz. Dont give me shit about human eyes can only take 24 frames per second, do you research.

  2. I dont know but Skyrim is crap with 25/30 fps on my laptop and ACBF which is 2 years younger works very smooth with 25/30 fps on the same machine. Actually i do not consider Skyrim playable under 50 fps. At least for my eyes.

  3. In competitive online gaming. 30fps in pc call of duty will get you destroyed.. I play 120 fps ultra on my desktop and 30 fps low to medium on my laptop .. I get the shit smacked out of me when I'm playing call of duty on my laptop.

  4. a soccer game like Pro evolution soccer is for some reason unplayable below 60 fps. Even on next-gen consoles I think they run 60 constant. Anyway, If you can lock 60 with good visuals, that's great. But If you need to reduce graphics too much for that, you better play below 60 and never going under 35-30 frames or the game will become slow.

  5. well i played RE7 at 4-5 fps on the lowest possible settings n resolution. n still i was very close to beating the game in about 2 nights. but unfortunately the game crashed n i couldn't play it any longer

  6. I would rather have 60 FPS but if i can hit 30fps on witcher 3 on my current pc build on ultra with hairworks and all that good stuff on im pretty happy. And i have my settins set to lock at 30fps. Eye candy with a playable framerate.

  7. You may disagree with me, but i really don't care about the graphics, i just want the most of the game and be able to play it in any graphic settings, just my opinion, have a Great Day!! 😀