This is how you make your ps4 run a lot faster! if your ps4 always lags or is just slow, this video will help you out! Enjoy! ————————————————————–…


  1. So when i want to speed up my PS4, i should turn on my PS4, then push the buttons on the PS4 controller, untill i reach the settings in the PS4 and then go thru the PS4 and delete all of the uneccessary data out of the PS4 becuz it is slowing down my PS4 and making my PS4 run slower than a PS4 is supposed to? BECUZ extra data, makes the PS4 slow down and move slower than a PS4 is supposed to….like really bro, how many times you gonna say PS4…

  2. Just came here to see the anger. splitz is a troll youtuber like thieojoe – he makes these videos for clicks and subs from people who don't know any better – but the titles are purposely misleading as the videos have no useful content.

  3. I got like 40 friends because I used to play in my dad account and now he made my own one and still some of my friends ha sent send me a friend request on my new account I messaged them though now I got only 40 friends or 30

  4. Mine is SLOW AS FUCK since the last update! Also the messages on the ps4 and app are beyond messed up (not just with me) giving fake errors, app claims maintenance CONSTANTLY! Clicking on my profile loads slow or not at all, same with trying to go down and refresh recent activities, view other profiles, sometimes even search players.. Fucking ridiculous. An my Internet speed isn't a problem either it's usually 29-40 mbs.. Sad we have to pay to play online and no surprise there's still as much.. Actually I'm saying more problems than the ps3 had.