Sorry about the quality but i hope you got the jist of it . – So excited for Black Ops 3 to release i want to play zombies so badly ! – Add me on PSN: Tacofactory , so we can co-op on some…


  1. it's not showing me the download option after I bought it. why is that? I bought it, clicked on zombies to be downloaded first and it won't show me if it's downloading or not…..

  2. Can You help me out please? I decided to buy Bo3 Deluxe Edition with my Brother in the Store with his account and then he shares it to me. But when i go to his account on my Ps4 It doesnt say that he bought the game? He already predownloaded it on his Ps4 and All The Maps…. When i try to share another game from his Liabry it works perfectly