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  1. Despite the issues, I liked the original one and I liked this one too. The game play seems indeed a bit more balanced, though I got the feeling that the graphics were simpler. The publisher offered the redux version for 5 euro's when you got the original which is friendly. Recommended. Somehow I always preferred Hard Reset over their Shadow Warrior reboot, probably because this is more about shooting while the other is more about melee type fighting.

  2. First timer here and having a ball with this. Playing with a 360 controller which has Y as the quick switch to the Katana so I guess that helps. This game is a lot of fun 🙂

  3. Saw Hard Reset was on 75% off… saw some of the reviews on it, but then I thought to myself, "What does Gggmanlives think about it?" Sure enough, you got a review on it.

    You're an awesome resource for honest opinions.

  4. I bought the normal version on release and got the redux cheap because i own the non redux and i only dislike one thing … the interaction with terminals in the game … now there is just this hand that indicates that you can use a terminal while in the non redux you have a virtual mouse cursor and can click on more than just one thing on the screens which adds a lot of immersion for me at least. Also (just in case you didn't know ;P ) you can rebind keys … so the accidental sword selection isn't a problem worth mentioning imho. I bound both weapons to mousewheel up/down and the sword to q and i switch weaponmodes with 1 2 3 etc. so no accidental sword selection for me. But overall a good and informative video. I just subbed. 🙂

  5. The game looks noticeably less good. That said, since I already own it, I can get it pretty cheap. Or at least that held true at time of release. Not sure if that's still the case.

  6. Considering I've never played this game before and only paid $1.49 for it on Steam Games I don't find any issues with it. If I had played the original game and paid full retail price then your points would be a hell of a lot more valid to me. I have played games where the remakes and the originals aren't much different and it's not worth it to buy the remake, but if you never even played the original then I think these remakes can be great in a lot of cases.

  7. +Gggmanlives, I'm so glad that I found your channel. You do an astonishing work. Your reviews cover both new and retro games (you actually reminden me of a couple gems from the 90's). You speak fast, but absolutely clearly at the same time – which is quite important for a non-native English speaker, as myself -, and your reviews are as objective as something put together by an individual can get, and correct me if I'm wrong, but you seem to be someone, who has some insigth to development process as a whole.. And to top that, all you say is not only informative, but entertaining too with your vocabulary and accent. Hands down, You are the best reviewer around! Please, keep up the good work, sonny Jim! 🙂

  8. I disagree about performance – yes, they did optimized it much better (and my guess is for consoles). This game used to hate dualcore CPUs, now it runs like a champ. But you probably didnt played it on dualcore like I did 😀 It works, like, two or three times better now.

  9. This looks both too dark and too cramped for may taste, though I like the genre and I have played and liked the new SW very much, as we ll the new Doom. But this reminds me too much of Serious Sam 2 – small levels, with too may enemies and no place to maneuver.

  10. I don't know what your thoughts are about the upcoming Shadow Warrior 2, but I'm not holding much hope with their focus on loot based equipment, bragging about 70 different weapons, and randomly generated stages.

    Looking forward to watching you tear it an inevitable new asshole.

  11. Hey Justin I have a game recommendation for you, it's "Godfather II" a classic PC game that mixes some RTS elements into the traditional Grand Theft Auto thirdperson open-world gameplay mechanics. IMO once you really get your squads going and you get to the 3rd city, the game becomes fast paced and addicting where you're managing squads between 3 different cities (New York, Miami, Cuba) as well as fighting on your own. You take over enemy businesses to make money for yourself while hiring more guards etc to protect them for when the enemies try to come get them back. Squad members have different skills that you can pick and choose your team how you want it (some can break into safes, some can blow specific environmental things up, some are medics etc). The game has its flaws, it's not nearly perfect, but once you get going it kicks ass and def worth a look!

  12. Hey mate, just been wondering if you will do a review on Mirrors Edge Catalyst. I don't see why you would not. But don't stress. I assume your busy with the constant uploading.

  13. Saw this video in my recommended, checked it out on steam just bought it for $3 for the sale. I'm 1 minute in in and it already feels exactly like the newer Shadow Warrior remake. It has to be the same devs on the same engine same game reskinned, it's a carbon copy. Seems pretty cool though, never played the original. For $3 can't complain. Going to watch this review later after I play a little more.

  14. Thanks for the swift review on the update. I'm indeed one of those Xbox One users the marketing is targeting. As you mentioned, it is appreciated that these old school caliber games are making a comeback. It's refreshing not having an open world with two dozen icons on the mini map, if ya know what I mean. Shame about the re-used Shadow Warrior assets, I actually just got around to playing that earlier this year, so those sword and dash animations are fresh in my mind.