Ghost Recon: Wildlands reviewed by Brian Albert on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Ghost Recon: Wildlands Graphics Comparison – Xbox One vs. PS4 vs.


  1. Mee and my brother this morning:
    "Lets do this quietly. I don't feel like getting shot at. We would have done that last outpost had you PICKED YOUR SHOTS!"
    "Not my fault. A guy snuck up on me."

  2. strong sandbox :D:DD:D:D if this is a strong sandbox then sandbox games are in real trouble. This game is not sandbox AT ALL you should do your homework before you release video IGN. This game is repetetive shooter where you are going from place A to place B whole fuckin time.. It is like linear game in poorly executed open world

  3. Ok I'm done watching reviews from IGN Considering most people in the comments Is Enjoying it and I am Still also You Kinda blow at reviews Considering if us the people enjoy the repetitiveness Your being to Bitchy And Expecting too Much From Ubisoft

  4. Why can't my guy jump? And shoot through a piece of roof tin? Has anyone ever shot a real gun? An ar will shoot through 1/4 plate like butter at 50 yards. The funnest part of the RECON game so far was looking for Yeti. That was the only real recon so far. They should make the game filled with very hard clues and let you search….for days just to find some bullet casings which lead to more RECON work. Also you should have to mark out the map yourself….like a recon guy would. How about turning difficult settings so when you mark enemy's they only show up during line of sight. Why is there 3 ammo crates every 10 feet? Make ammo a challenge. Stop making all the bad guys talk out loud. And the bullet drop!!! Wtf? I feel like they modeled the guns after a paintball marker. Also like so many have said….fix the heli controls. All these things are easy to fix and would make the game 10x better. More Yeti searches!!!!

  5. worst video game machanic's ever clear a room thay can run up walls I've seen and gotten it on video of the Ai running up vertical cliffs walking through walls I give it no thumbs up. No longer will be playing ubisuck games

  6. I was really looking forward to this game but in the open beta I found that the movement system was really clunky… So I didn't get it. If you moved like such games as GTA V, I probably would have killed for this game… :p

  7. god wats goin on with ubisoft these days. back then when they delivered great games like assasins creed 2, brotherhood, blackflag etc., along with farcry 2 and 3 and many other great games nowadays they have games that are overhyped but dont deliver on thier promises ever since watch dogs. wats going on ubisoft?

  8. When I saw the trailer a year ago I thought the game would be beyond what I played as of now. I thought it was going to be like mgs v, saints row customization, a lot more story, not so plain, not so much copy and pasting, and with the same graphics as the trailer. They should at least have the same graphics on the trailer as it is in the console.