The next open world adventure from Sucker Punch has been revealed. We spoke with Creative Director Nate Fox and Creative/Art Director Jason Connell to learn how Sucker Punch decided on Ghost…


  1. infamous second son has an interesting story and okay graphic direction.

    the game mechanics arent that complex and the world is covered by large buildings that acts as jumping point to another jumping point.
    it doesn't suck the player into the world but provides a parkour course but im looking forward on how different this ghost of tsushima to their other titles. 😅

  2. They keep calling the character a samurai but yet they say in some interviews that you have to leave the samurai ways and become a ghost that’s clearly a ninja idk why they not saying it and also they say it’s an stealth game as well like come on lol

  3. Plzzzz Sucker punch make a multiplayer like black flag online plzzz we need that kinde things just make alfa's and beta's where we can try things like MULTIPLAYER WE NEED ITTTTT 😂 plzzzz

  4. playstation just keeps coming out with game after game after game, and they ALL are exclusives. good god, they are producing exclusives at the Nintendo level in terms of pure quantity. microsoft isn't even competing at this point. in terms of exclusives playstation and nintendo are on a whole other level.