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  1. Just slayed the final High Rank monster. It was insane, unbelievable, and the most stressful hunt I've ever had in a Monster Hunter game (even more than Alatreon). Game is incredible.

    About the lock-on camera, all it is designed to do is center the monster in your view. It seems odd coming from other action games that have a Zelda-like targeting system, but in Monster Hunter, you need to be free to attack the monster from many different angles depending on the situation (like standing directly under the monster's body, for example), and to break certain parts for material drops. Trust me, you'll be thankful that the lock-on doesn't lock your attacks onto the monster later on, but I can understand your frustration because it is different and it does feel odd at first.

    And whoever said the Great Sword was the "most boring weapon" doesn't know what they're talking about. I play Charge Blade primarily (the sword and shield that changes into an axe), but the Great Sword is hugely powerful and a ton of fun if you know how to use it. Especially now with the new double charge attack and the knockback-resistant shoulder charge.

  2. It's very good that this series has finally made it back to Playstation and later this year for the first time ever on PC. This game makes Dauntless look like a cellphone puzzle game.

  3. I hate the fact i missed this stream 🙁 I had to go to work just before it started. And it’s hard to watch something while bartending in a busy place :s next time, I’ll just leave the stream playing on my phone and have it to the side.