We reveal the opening cinematic of the Shadow of War: Blade of Galadriel DLC Story Expansion, and provide you with some Nemesis tips on how to get the best orcs. Join us for the Shadow of War…


  1. I had fun with the Blade of Galadriel but then with your ending for BoG completely and utterly destroys the true ending for the main game and in one fell swoop you completely and utterly destroy the main game with your nonsense

  2. Just completed act III. I've seen plenty of spoilers like this, the wraith being green and the cursed eyes but I still didn't see it coming, not even the time when you accidently mentioned that(believe It or not it IS a spoiler) celebrimbor and elatrial team up gave it away

  3. Who would like to try and conquer my fortresses on steam and give me your opinion on the difficulty? Also give me advice on what to do to have a better defense if it's to easy. Look me up under enjeal

  4. Looks really boring. Other than the fact that I have zero interest in Eltariel, we have to do more stealth and rings stuff? We had two entire games and expansions of this and now they want you to do more? Let us be something interesting like a Black Captain fulfilling the will of Sauron or choose an Orc class and then work your way up the ranks to Overlord. Just something other than more sneaking around and chopping the same Orcs' heads off neverendingly.

  5. I want to say. Hate the game or not. It's still a great story. It's all about balance between white, good. Dark, evil. Both the same, but balance between the two is green, karnan, and now Talion, "humans" call him Jesus. Call it just earth. He, it, she, maintains balance between the two. We are all stuck in middle earth together, as peons, trying to maintain balance. But 🌍 is all we got together. We're all humans.

  6. My Question is can you make a update DLC that lets the players be Orcs and fight each other in the online mode
    It would be amazing for groups of players to fight as their favorite orc online like a mmo

  7. Please add the ability to play with talion and celebrimbor (with the new ring) after u finish the story. I am still waiting to here any info on whether his feature will be added in. Also please add another save slot. I really want to play in minas Ithil. Thx

  8. I’m gonna bet that she fights talion early, but she realizes he’s ok, and puts her nazgul fighting abilities to use keeping the other nazgul away from Minas Morgul so Talion can focus on The Shadow Wars. Final Boss fully consumed Talion maybe?

  9. I have fully enjoyed both games and love them both I was wondering if my main man Legalos or she elf from the hobbit could make an appearance and if they could be playable and if the young lady from the first game that Talion was attracted to come back

  10. You need to add an option to switch between the rings with Tailion, I dont always like to play as evil Tailion and having the casual Tailon Celebrimbor would be nice, maybe even introduce the blade of galadriel to Tailion and add new abilities, refresh the game a little more.

  11. I want a mode where you're the orc, I want to rise through the ranks from peon to overlord all the while my perks are changing and I get new abilities. That might be cool if you can pull it off, but it sounds more like its own game.

  12. big question is what can it dominate Uruk? and will she face Uruk in the service of Talion? with small dialog as for example (to oppose attacking my lords you will first attack your best bodyguard) I dream a little but it would be cools no?

  13. My only question is will the new ring betray eltariel at the last moment. I mean saurons ring betrayed celebrimbor at the last second to return to its "rightful" owner and here the new ring not only has shown the same ability to move on its own but also technically has 2 owners, Celebrimbor and Talion. Celembrimbor is currently unavailable but Talion most definitely is (although he did find himself a new ring which might result in some jealousy), so yeah i wonder if the new ring will attempt to do the same at one point or another.