Hey donte family!! So I FINALLY got Final Fantasy last week and so far I am enjoying so much!! I’ve been sitting down for hours straight just playing the game! I decided to do a quick first…


  1. I've played about half of the final fantasy series and I'll keep it real with you, 13 is the worst of them outside of how pretty it is. 15 is the shit. Fucking lit as fuck. So I'm right with you there. ALSO take peace of mind knowing after a while you'll be quickly strong enough to GIVE THOSE DAEMONS THESE HANDS and night time will be just as fun as daytime.

    Lastly. I STRONGLY encourage you to do some FFXV vids like your Xenoverse Series. That shit would be fucking great bro.

  2. It seems, my friend, you have not discovered the wonders of chocobos. If you have, then I'm sorry, but if not, when you get a chace, go to the Chocobo Post and rent yourself some Chocs. They are trully amazing.

  3. Oh boy you started with 13? Yikes I'm sorry dude, that's like one of the worst in the series considered by fans. If you want a really good final fantasy to play I would suggest 9 or 6 or this game because you know it's fucking great.

  4. WOAHHHHHHH!!! I have to fucking watch shit just to understand the story?? How can that he game? How!? I want to play the game, but I'm not sure if I want to watch stuff just to understand. Is it worth it?