Hey guys! Welcome to another edition of Battle of the Ports! This time it’s Final Fantasy VII! A re-do of an old video but way better since your ear drums will still be intact. In this video…


  1. Is it just me or has anybody else noticed that Cloud's face icon in PS1 version is different than the PC version. I cannot find any thread or forum on the internet that discusses this major difference – 5:12 vs 9:07. I came to comment here just for this reason. In the display picture in the PS1 version, he looks like much younger with a face of a child with a bit of a wider chin and earring in his left ear, compared to the PC version where he looks a bit older, his chin is thinner, has no earrings, and has a more serious face. I hope somebody can comment on this or discuss this. I am currently playing the Steam version of FF7 on my PC (unmodded), almost at the end of Part 1 of the game.

  2. I hope the Steam version is mod-able. I saw a standard PC version from a few years before Steam came out (a version that had a MIDI soundtrack that was kinda meh) where the out-of-battle models looked like in-battle models. I'l like to get that mod for the Steam version if possible.

  3. You said the PC version wasn't without moss at the beginning but it's in FULLSCREEN When they ported it to the PC and this year to the PS4 they kept original 4:3 aspect ratio? How did you get it FULLSCREEN on PC without mods?

  4. The most startling thing for me was the speed of the battle transition. Great that it's significantly sped up, but after almost 20 years of playing the original the spinning effect at that speed just looked weird!:P